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This is a fantastic facility! Not only will you gain a tremendous amount of strength from your training, but you'll gain plenty of confidence. Training silks is so much fun, you don't even notice you're working out! Laura, the owner, is so patient and helps you every step of the way. I recommend coming in to try it out, even if you've never worked out. The community here is so friendly, they make you feel right at home!

- Alex H.

​This has to be the most fun I've had in a long time when I tried this. I did a private lesson and got a real good workout not to mention some new found confidence and reason to smile!  Laura is beautiful, super graceful and strong!  I recommend her so much!  I would keep doing this for the fun, the workout and the interactions with others.  I think this is one of the coolest things out there! - Nati B. 

"Completely amazing and addictive. Laura is awesome and very encouraging. I can't wait to return!" - Ariel E.

"Krystyn is an amazing teacher and performer. I have been consistently under her wing for under a month and I have already progressed in leaps and bounds! She is patient, yet she stills pushes you past your limits into new and exciting abilities you never thought possible!" - Amber G.

"Laura is an amazing instructor, I took my first class and I'm hooked." - Brianna O.

"I can't say enough wonderful things about Aerial Athlete.  Laura is so sweet and extremely patient.  She breaks down the sequences in a way that I can easily understand and replicate. She teaches a variety of interesting moves and poses for every skill level.  She consistently challenges me without leaving me feeling defeated by the intensity.  Everyone at the studio is open and friendly, and you always feel like "part of the gang", and there is always a ton of different and exciting classes/experiences going on there.  Aerial Athlete is a Class Act!  

- Kathleen F.

"The instructors are more than fabulous. They are patient, motivating, and all around amazing. I felt confident in myself after only one month of aerial fabric classes, got back on the road of staying in shape, and had a BLAST while doing it. I'll be a member of this 'gym' for a long long time. Addictive doesn't even begin to describe it!"  - Dana C.