End of Camp Performance

Friends and family will enjoy an informal End-of-Camp Performance. Campers will show off their new skills on the apparatus of their choice. Each performance will be custom tailored to each camper. 


Build Confidence

Learn the Martial Art that has been proven to be the most effective form of self-defense. Gracie Jiu-Jitsu uses leverage and technique instead of strength and power.

Learn from a female coach, as well as our Head Instructor, one of the most qualified Black Belts in the U.S. 

Learn Hula Hooping

Spin Up Fun!

Work on coordination, rhythm, and grace while learning traditional and non-traditional hoop skills.

This class is FUN and guaranteed to keep a smile on your camper's face. Hooping helps kid's build self confidence, and It's a great way to add a healthy cardio workout into your child's routine. Camper's will hoop to upbeat age appropriate music. 


Get Inspired and Create

Campers will be designing their very own Hula Hoop, that they will be able to keep as a memento from camp.

Minds will be hard at work as campers have fun making jewelry, and Tie Dye T Shirts that they will wear on performance day.

We will also have fun games including water balloon wars!


Positive, FUN, Stress Relief

Learn the fundamentals of basic Yoga, Acrobatic Partner Yoga, and Aerial Yoga in a fun, kid friendly environment.

We will introduce age appropriate asanas and basic human anatomy. Our practice will be focused on the physical, emotional, and mental benefits of yoga. Yoga is proven to help kids focus in academics and teaches them coping skills for test-taking and school stress. 


Challenging new way to strengthen your aerial grips, and explore heights in a new way! Safety Harnesses are used during all ascents and descents.


PLEASE BRING A PACKED LUNCH, WATER, SEVERAL SNACKS, AN EXTRA SET OF DRY CLOTHES, A TOWEL, and we recommend shirts that cover underarms and stomach and pants that cover the backs of knees. Please bring a WHITE T-SHIRT to Tie-Dye. 

Athletic Clothing - The more coverage the better, students must cover midriff, and backs of knees. Leotards are optimum and highly recommended. No loose fitting clothing (baggy t-shirts, bell bottoms,) no zippers, and no jewelry. Bring an extra set of Athletic clothing each day just in case. Hair should be tied back and away from the face. 

Space is very limited and classes will fill quickly. Register today and give your child an
undeniably fun and unique summer camp experience this year.

Summer Camp Activities include

Aerial Dance Summer Camp

Ages 7 - 13

June 5TH - JUNE 9TH 2017


July 10TH - July 14Th 2017

Aerial Athlete campers will have a jam packed fun filled week with an emphasis on learning the art of Aerial Silks! Campers will also have the opportunity to explore apparatuses such as Rope, Dance Trapeze, Lyra, Aerial Cube, & Aerial Net. Campers also learn dance fundamentals,Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Self-Defense, Hula Hooping, Basic tumbling skills, rock wall climbing Yoga, & Acro Yoga. 

Campers will learn from our fun, professional level camp counselors that are highly qualified and experienced with teaching children. All of our head counselors are CPR certified. Classes are divided by skill level/age, and no more than 8 students per group/instructor. We work in small groups to ensure our students are safe, and use proper technique. All campers start Aerial Training low to the ground unless they have previous experience and show they are capable. 

When campers are not training Aerial Dance, Yoga, or Self-Defense they will be having a blast playing water balloon wars, designing their very own hula hoops, making jewelry, and tie dying t-shirts (costumes for the show.) All crafts can be taken home as a memento . 

Throughout the week, students will work together to create an Aerial Performance to present to family and friends on the last day of camp. 

Summer Camp


WEEK 1 - June 5th - June 9th

St. Augustine

WEEK 2 - July 10th - July 14th


Water balloon wars and super soaker battles will help campers cool off and build fun friendships. Our safely gated lot also has a garden,a gated pond, and Ducks, Chickens, Geese, Turkey's, and Rabbits.  

Aerial Dance Fitness

Aerial Athlete

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