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Aerial Athlete

Q: Do you have a favorite trick or move? 
A: My favorite is the Flamingo series and cross back straddle.

Q: Are you working on anything right now?  
A: I'm working on 8-Counts for the show :)

Q: What advice or tips do you have for a new aerialist? What about for someone who is thinking about trying aerial dance? 
A: It’s very cool, it’s unique. It’s really fun and great exercise. You learn fun moves on your first day.

Merrill’s Favorite Quote:
“Do something today that your future self will thank you for." 


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Photo Courtesy of Emmitt Wakefield Photography

Merrill Hawk  is a Mom and Paralegal who fell in love with aerial arts when she missed seeing Pink in a live concert, but her friends told her about it.“I watched the video, I think she’s amazing.”

Merrill’s girl friend came  to town one day and they planned as many activities as they could fit into 4 days.  Bikram-Yoga, Working Out, Surfing, and of course Aerial Athlete! 

“Aerial was the funnest thing ever, I loved it!  I signed up right after my first class and couldn’t wait to come back.”

 Merrill has been flying with Aerial Athlete for only 6 months, but her athletic backgroud allows her to get teh hang of the art rather quickly!

She has always been athletic, she does hot yoga, paddle-boards, kayaks, plays ice hockey, skates, likes to rock climb, skydives, scuba dives, run’s marathons, and is learning to surf!

Q: What is your favorite thing about classes at Aerial Athlete?
A: I really like this studio.  Laura’s an awesome coach and the girls are great. It’s not competitive and everyone helps each other.

Q: What about Aerial dance has surprised you or differs from your expectations?  
A:Aerial is my favorite thing to do. 

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