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 Mother, Aerialist, Giver

Charlotte Clem is an assistant instructor at Aerial Athlete.  As a child, Charlotte did not have many opportunities to participate in group sports, and was not athletic.  It wasn't until high school that she started training in classical ballet, modern, and jazz. She recalls a fond memory of performing alongside The Dance Company during a Flash Mob downtown.  

Charlotte joined Aerial Athlete in April 2014, and began by  taking Aerial Yoga classes, she soon followed by taking Aerial Fabric classes and she was instantly hooked!  

Training in the Aerial Arts has changed her in so many different ways, she is now more self-confident, more aware of her body, not afraid to try new things and more graceful.  

As an instructor Charlotte wants students to feel comfortable and confident in themselves.  When she isn't at the studio she is a stay at home mother, likes to do yoga, and enjoys taking walks with her family and furr babies.  

Charlotte Clem

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Morgan Williams

Athlete, Aerialist, Perfectionist

Morgan Williams is an assistant instructor at Aerial Athlete. She has always had a love for all forms of dance and fitness. As a child, she created dance routines with her best friend or practiced the “Flash Dance” routine in her living room. Although she did not have the opportunity to enroll in a dance program, it did not take away her passion and desire be a part of the performing arts community. She attends Broadway shows, musicals and the ballet as much as she can.

Morgan began aerial fabric at Aerial Athlete in February 2014, under the instruction of Laura Atkins and Krystyn Tsagarakis. She was drawn to aerial fabric after seeing the performances at the studio's Grand Opening. She felt the performances were so beautiful, elegant, and captivating. She was hooked from day one! Her favorite things about dance and aerial art are the beauty and elegance of the body's movement, the unique way dance tells a story, and how fun they both can be. 

When Morgan is not in the air, she enjoys Yoga, Zumba, Spinning, Ballroom Dancing, Latin Dancing, and is a trained boxer. She believes her athleticism, flexibility, and love for dance has given her the opportunity to explore a path in aerial dance. She holds a certification in Massage Therapy and is Aerial Athlete's August 2014 Student Spotlight.

Krystyn Tsagarakis


Co-founder and owner of Aerial Athlete Saint Augustine, Laura Atkins, has had a love for moving arts beginning when she was a child.  She has over 13 years of combined professional dance training including Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Tap, Modern, Lyrical and Gymnastics.  She has over 5 years of experience teaching various types of moving arts to people of all ages. She was Captain of her high school dance team in 2005 and that is where she began her foundation and love for teaching other's. 

Laura's specialties include Aerial Silks, Aerial Yoga,Lyra and she is a certified Hatha Aerial Yoga Instructor. She attended Rebekah Leach's Teacher Training Certification Program in 2014 and has professionally trained with Susan Murphy, Laban Movement Analyst, and other aerial artist's including Rain Anya, Sarah Bebe Holmes, Gwynne Flanagan, Molly Graves and many others. Laura is proficient with Aerial Straps, Aerial Rope, Dance Trapeze, and Hula Hooping; she is also a Martial Artist and co-owner of the Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Academy in St. Augustine. 

Laura's athleticism, love for performing and combining physical work with artistry is a perfect fit and she is enthusiastic about her career in Aerial Arts.  

Meet Our Instructors

 Aerialist, Dancer, Performer

Krystyn Tsagarakis is a dancer, aerialist, performer, and teacher who has always been drawn to the performing and the fine arts. She is the co-founder of Aerial Athlete and the founder of Beautiful Moves— an alternative dance program that is a fusion of aerial fabric, pole fitness, and exotic dance.

Her introduction to dance began through ballet at the age of three. Her background includes five years of competitive gymnastics, seven years of performance art, and thirteen years of visual art. Her passion for movement eventually led her to discover circus art, where she became enamored with aerial fabric. 

Krystyn has professionally trained at many prestigious circus schools, such as the New England Center for Circus Arts (NECCA) and the Marsh Studio. She specializes in aerial fabric and dance trapeze, and is proficient with lyra and aerial hammock. In 2014, she completed a seven month Artistic Residency at NECCA.

As an instructor, Krystyn teaches empowerment and confidence through alternative dance. She is an enrolled in NECCA’s Nimble Arts Teacher Training Program, a licensed pole fitness and exotic dance instructor in the Urban Fertility Dance Method, and a certified group instructor through the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA).

For more information, please visit her website:

Laura Atkins