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St. Augustine

Adult Group Classes


Learn this popular and beautiful aerial dance form in this all levels class. Aerial Fabric is a type of performance art, where artists are suspended by special fabric. Recreationally, you'll learn poses that will challenge you physically and creatively. Progress at your own pace and comfort level by starting low to the ground. Explore vertical movement, while developing core strength and learning basic skills. 

This adult class is for all levels. No experience needed, beginners are welcome!

AERIAL FABRIC Intermediate and advanced

Challenge yourself beyond the basics in this novice level aerial fabric class.  Progress at your own pace and comfort level as you master new climbs and drops. Students must have a firm understanding of beginner level material to advance to this class. 

Prerequisites include the ability to climb fabric on both sides, double figure 8 foot locks, and a hip-key from the ground.


Traditional yoga with a twist! If you are looking for an alternative way to work out that takes the basic foundations of yoga and puts it in a playful, carefree setting, this is for you! Aerial yoga is a type of yoga that uses a fabric hammock to achieve traditional yoga positions. Inverted poses help create space between your vertebral discs. This hydrates the soft tissue in the spine, which often helps relieve back pain. 

This adult class is for all levels. No experience needed, beginners are welcome!

LYRA, Rope (corde lisse) : all levels 

Discover this classic form of aerial dance during private, or semi-private lessons. The lyra, also known as the aerial hoop or circeaux, is a circular metal apparatus that resembles a suspended hula-hoop.  Progress at your own pace and comfort level and discover the joy of suspended movement. All apparatuses are hung low to the ground, between 3 to 7 feet high. 

This adult class is for all levels. No experience needed, beginners are welcome!



Ages 9 and up

Children must be accepted into the program on an audition basis. Please contact us at (904) 494-8359 or to schedule a free 15 minute lesson and assessment. No previous experience is required. Please schedule your child's audition to guarantee enrollment.


Open studio time is a chance for students to spread their wings and practice on their own. This class is moderated, but there will be no instruction. During this time, students are encouraged to work on their own, with material they already know. An instructor will be present to help with the equipment and answer any questions.

Prerequisites: Attendance of any class or private lesson that week.

Please Reserve in advance.. Space is limited.

Private & Semi-Private Lessons

We offer Private and Semi-Private Lessons in Aerial Yoga, Aerial Fabric, Lyra (Aerial Hoop), Dance Trapeze, & Fly Gym Fitness.

  • Private Lessons: $60/hour
  • Semi-Privates: 2 students $35 each/hour; 3 students $30 each/hour; 4 students $25 each/hour.



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