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We offer classes in Aerial Fabric, Aerial Yoga, Trapeze, Lyra and much more.

Aerial Fabric is a type of performance art where artists are suspended by special fabric. In this class, you'll learn poses   that will challenge you physically and creatively. 

Aerial Yoga uses a fabric hammock to help achieve traditional yoga positions. If you are looking for something meditative and restorative in your workout, this class is for you!.

Dance Trapeze is perhaps one of the most iconic and oldest aerial apparatus. You'll learn basic static trapeze poses at your own pace in a fun encouraging environment. 

Lyra is a circular metal apparatus that resembles a suspended hula-hoop. Beginner skills are similar to static trapeze movement. 

All of our classes are incredible workouts and really addictive. 

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We have many exciting things happening at Aerial Athlete! 

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Saturday Dec 17th-18th
Ages 7-12  7:30pm-9am
Our Parent’s night out gives parents an opportunity to take a well-deserved break! Go out on the town knowing that your child is having a blast in a safe environment.

You child will get to work with professional coaches, who are  CPR certified and positive female role models. 

Not only will you child have a great time, they will be enriching themselves with new structured experiences such as:

 Aerial Silks, Lyra, Hula Hooping, Glow Paint Dance Party, Self-Defense, Acro-Yoga, Glowga, Rock Wall Climbing & More! Price also includes a Pizza Party.

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Classes and Pricing

We offer four (4) different memberships and a variety of classes, semi-private, and privates lessons in Aerial Yoga, Aerial Fabric, Lyra (Aerial Hoop), Dance Trapeze, and Fly Gym Fitness.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Curious about what Aerial Dance Fitness is? Not sure what to wear to class? Explore our FAQ page to learn more about the aerial arts, what to wear, and what to expect!

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Aerial Athlete teaches empowerment and confidence to anyone from complete beginners to advanced students in a safe, fun, and encouraging environment. Our highly skilled and qualified instructors teach group classes and private lessons in Aerial Fabric, Lyra, Dance Trapeze, and Aerial Yoga.